Ranch Volunteers:

Don Stobaugh

Don has helped LUC Ranch for many years by providing various food items. He has also brought many kinds of miscellaneous items for both the boys and staff to enjoy. These items can be from the very practical things such as soap to very specialized items like perfume and brand name clothes.

Don is now taking on another challenge. He is raising funds for the beautification of the Academic Center Area. His desire is to have an area for the guys to have another outlet for their energies and so is trying to raise the funds for the Stobough Park, which will include a small miniature golf course. If this is something that you would also be interested in helping him with, let us know or contact Don.

These are most of the faithful volunteers who helped build the inside of the Academic Center. They come from various surrounding areas. They did all sorts of things such as framing, sheet rock, painting, plumbing, electrical, cabinets, etc. At times, they found themselves learning things and doing things they had never done before. They continue to come and help with various other maintenance types of jobs. They can always use another hand or two.

Alf & Norma Hansen have been coming to help at the Ranch since 1985, as Volunteers with the RVICS organization. They continued to come after they became inactive just to spend time with us. Alf entertains us with various songs on his harmonica and then ends his show by playing his harmonica next to his ear. Norma has helped with various artistic talents and in 2001 painted this mural.

See also memorial for Alf Hansen

Gwen Woolman & Methodist ladies

One night a week for over 15 years, these sweet ladies bring us the evening meal. They started by helping to give the cooks a day off and now the cooks just do extra cleaning and so welcome the help these ladies provide.

Jim Herschend

Jim began helping the Ranch to provide a day off for the Ortmans, who had all of the boys 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Later, he and others he found to help him provided a day for staff togetherness. They have done exciting things that most boys do not have the opportunity to do such as: rock climbing, caving, scuba diving, air plane flying, riding horses, float trips, camp outs, etc.


Boys & Ruth for routine at Christmas Concert.JPG (72574 bytes) Ruth Johns

Ruth Johns has been volunteering at the Ranch for many years working with the guys to teach them singing techniques and preparing them for the yearly concert in early December with the Melodears.

Diane Sanders & Methodist ladies

Realizing our need for help and the ability of the ladies to make delicious food, this group from Eagle Rock decided to also bring a monthly meal.

South Dakota Friends

This group of people came year after year to help with various building projects braving the snow and ice storms. Most of them either being farmers or involved with them came at a time in very early spring before their hard work for the year begun.

Orville Sweet

In an effort to measure the success of the Ranch in dealing with at-risk boys, Orville has spent countless months of time doing a survey of former Ranch residents. You may find the results of this survey on the RESULTS page.

Retired RV'ers

RVICS, MMAPers, and SOWERS are Christian groups that organize to help volunteer doing various projects for 3 weeks while camping in their RV's. We have made so many new friends throughout the nation!

Elijah Touchton

Youth Groups


When you come back to visit, we will include other volunteers and ways in which you can join us in helping at-risk boys change their lives. You can become part of our staff team, in which you will find that we always need houseparents who want to invest of themselves. You will also find other opportunities to volunteer on a regular or infrequent basis. We have had many people come from all over the United States to become involved in building and renovating projects. If you have the time, we have the opportunity to allow you to complete the joy in your life by giving to help others. Until this site is complete, please send any information via our contact form.