Trees Program

BRANCH OUT – Trees for Lives, is a treegrowing and sales program to benefit the boys ranch.

Do you want to help at-risk teenage boys become productive, contributing citizens? Join us for the annual fundraising event!

BRANCH OUT – Trees for Lives, is designed to help strong-willed boys develop solid work habits that build self-worth and self-discipline. The boys and staff from LUC Ranch are selling trees at the Ranch. They can plant the trees if you make an appointment.

Crape (Crepe) Myrtle

Redbud Trees

(red, pink, white, purple bloom)

blossoms from middle of July – Sept.

  • 8 – 10ft $40
  • 11 – 15ft $75
  • 15 and over $100
  • 10 – 15ft $50
  • Over 15ft $75

inventory is subject to change! may not have all types or sizes in stock

Planting Fees

  • 1 – 2 trees = $40 – $50 per tree up to 15ft.
  • All trees over 15ft. need a 6ft. square hole dug 30in. deep by a back hoe – which is also needed to unload the tree because each tree and roots will weigh 200 – 400 pounds or more. (Staking is needed for bigger trees but the above price does not include stakes, ropes, or staking time.)
  • Delivery fee – $25 per trip for the first 10 miles one way and $5 for each additional 5 miles, There is a maximum of 2 big trees on a 35ft. trailer.