The Ranch teaches various trades such as Mechanics, Housekeeping, Landscaping, Welding, Carpentry, Animal Care, Computer repair, Horticulture, Small Engine Repair, etc.


This program teaches the boys to not only understand the basic vehicle maintenance but also affords them the opportunity to repair different aspects of a vehicle. Some boys are able to purchase a vehicle at a low cost from this program and make the necessary repairs to make it operational to drive on the road.



The carpentry program teaches safety and proper techniques in working with power equipment. The boys learn many of the various aspects of building because they are actively involved with hands-on training while helping build on the Ranch premises. They learn the basics in pounding nails, cement work, electrical, plumbing, and putting up walls and shingling.

Animal Care

Caring for animals is very therapeutic because it helps a boy realize that a life is dependent upon him. Working on the farm offers wonderful opportunities to demonstrate love while learning responsibilities.   JJ can be a stuborn mule! Boys have seen first-hand the wonderful miracle of birth. They learn how to work with a stubborn animal that requires a lot of patience and understanding.

horses holding baby goats

Lawn Care & Landscaping

During the year, the boys help others with various types of jobs. Most of these are mowing, weed-eating, and raking leaves. The boys use this income for making personal purchases. They learn valuable skills, such as doing their best, working for an honest wage, listening to instruction, safety in the work place, and gaining self-respect when they are praised for a job well done. 

Helping to repair and maintain the road is one task that is learned.

Cooking & Housekeeping

Many boys receive a cooking certificate because they were able to make a complete meal on their own. Boys learn various aspects of being able to care for themselves once they leave the Ranch.



This is a trade that many of our boys desire to do. They make various projects that they can sell or take home. These include barbecue grills in the shape of a locomotive and tractor. The boys are very proud of their creations made of scrap metal. They plan to market these to the general public as they are able.



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