Accomplishments for the First Twenty Years

1982 The Ortmans arrived at the Ranch and lived in the well house. (Two ruts between trees and brush was our driveway.) First Thanksgiving consisted of cold pork & beans because there was no electricity. Christmas gift was a 10 x 50 trailer home.

1983 First boy arrived. Hauled in a lot of gravel for the road and cleared cedar trees, which then served as fence posts! Total income was $300 a month for the year.

1984 Built the 1~ barn, which is now the buffalo barn. Built additions on to our trailer for more room to take in more boys. Built the new well house, as the old well was not able to keep up with the water demand. Friends from SD came and helped build the pig barn. Since all our tools had been stolen, this project was done with old-fashioned tools. One was a barrel with water used as a level to true up the big cedar trees that we used for our poles.

1985 RV sites were completed, and the lst group of Retired Volunteers showed up in their RV's to help us with construction, mechanics, maintenance, cooking, etc. First benefit for the Ranch was washing cars for a day. This year we also built our first storage shed from slabs of wood from cedar trees we had cut off the property.

1986 Completed Dairy Barn and began to milk cows to help bring in needed funds. Volunteered to help build over 1/2 of a church with an elderly congregation. Paul played his saxophone at Country Music World, a music show in Branson, to a standing ovation.

1987 First year that gross income was $5000 I month to care for 13 boys and to buy materials to construct building. This was the first time that the Ranch offered a salary: $25 per month for full time staff was barely enough to get our first staff to help us. First year we began helping Kimberling City to clean up trash after their July 4th Celebration. We also adopted 6.7 miles of State Highway ditches and helped clean up over 5 miles of highway for other organizations and individuals four times a year.

1988 A lady drove up on the yard and asked to see how we were doing on the new dorm. We told her that we were waiting on the funds to complete it and also needed kitchen cabinets. She represented a Foundation that helped make both of those dreams a reality. In baseball, Keith K hit the most "over the fence" home runs in Blue Eye School's history.

1989 The Ortmans and two other staff families moved into the Dorm. Later that year both staff families moved out as they couldn't afford to work for $25 per month. That, left Ken and Sheila to take care of 18 boys by themselves. Our bookkeeper was the only one who stayed to help. Our older boys took on extra responsibilities and problems were minimized.

1990 All salaries went up to $200 per month for staff. Built a storage shed for the inkind donations the Lord was blessing us with. The wood shop was on one end to help teach the boys wood working skills. Tim played his violin at the Mel Tillis Music Show.

1991 Tri-Plex was completed for 4 staff families to stay in. First former Gang Leader enters the Ranch family and later becomes a part of ""God's Gang"! After 14 other unsuccessful placements in other facilities, Jesse L graduated the program a solid young man.

1992 Moved into our new offices with 2 staff apartments built onto it so that we could house more staff families. Went to the Moe Bandy Show but had to leave early to milk cows, so moved 6 cars by lifting them to the side and putting them back again into place after we got the van out from the middle of them.

1993 Volunteered for 5 days of clean up after the Flood in St. Louis. Bought the farm property with house for the farm manager to live in. Results of a survey of the top 100 residential programs in the United States, done by 2 independent appraisers who visited the Ranch, show LUC Program as� ~ to none.�

1994 The 1Oct11 boy enters the Ranch �family�. Bought the 4 acres at the lake property and built a cabin there for guests and for staff to get away to recuperate.

1995 Built a house for the Ortmans so their daughter could enjoy her Senior year in High School with some privacy. RebUilt the hay barn that burned. David G returned to the Ranch after 6 years to ask if anyone had dug more post holes than he had.

1996 Built the Mechanics Shop. Volunteered to help 3 different churches shingle a roof; pour a concrete parking lot; and paint outside and inside of the church.

1997 Built a House for the Program Director. Three of the 7 members on the Blue Eye Academic Team were boys from the Ranch

1998 Built the Hay Barn at the Farm. Graduate David K bowled a perfect 300 game that year. Andy returned home and was voted the most outstanding leader in his school of 2000 students.

1999 Built the Green House and Hot House. Ranch graduate Kenny was given an award as outstanding leader in his Army platoon. More of God's children are adopted into his family.

2000 Finished the Academic Center. Received compliments from 100 different employers on how well our guys work and behave.

2001 Loaded and stacked 120 bales from the field onto our trailer in less than 8 minutes with 6 guys. Did ground prep for houses and started building on the Welding shop. Boys finished Public School with 35 A's and no F's on semester grades.

2002 Finished the Welding Shop and 2 Staff Houses. Started selling the crafts the boys make in welding shop at our new Thrift Store to raise much–needed cash. Our guys had the lead parts in the school play/operetta.

Everything that was accomplished thus far is a tribute to God's ability to provide for our needs and to give strength & wisdom to all of us as it is needed. We are also indebted to countless friends who have shared with us for all these years. Thank YOU! More to follow.


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