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Summer 2019
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It was a hot day so the guys asked to go swimming after supper was done.
Theyíd been mowing lawns all day so they were looking forward to fun.
There were cliffs at the lake, so the guys put their diving skills to the test.
ďDiving head or feet first doesnít matter,Ē one said, ďbut a closed mouth is best!Ē

Can you find the mobile home, wheel chair ramp, or car in the picture to the left? This picture is the same place a few hours ago.

Open House is Coming!

Open House is Oct 5, 2019. You are invited to our annual open house, the 1st Saturday of October at 10:00 AM when tours begin and will continue until noon. After eating a roast pork and chicken meal, our guys will present an hour long program. Itís all free! Save the date and come see what God is doing at the Ranch.


    Itís interesting how differently people react to that word. Many grandparents lament the fact that their grandchildren have never learned to work. Many parents have given into the fact that itís not worth the battle to train their kids to work. The Division of Social Services doesnít look kindly on parents who dare to instill good work habits in their children.

    Most professionals in the counseling and child care business are reluctant to voice their support of all the benefits resulting from work. Attorneys, juvenile officers, and judges find ways to discredit the value of work.

    Hereís the ironic part: In private, almost everyone is looking for people with strong work habits. We want our children to marry a mate who knows how to work. We donít want free loaders in public office, in the military, or in any profession that is protecting us. Hard workers are welcome in the classrooms, on athletic teams, in churches, on committees, and in everyoneís community. No one wants to hire lazy or unmotivated persons to work for them, especially if the person charges by the hour. Hard workers are becoming a rare breed, especially if they are young.

    Because LUC Boys Ranch has such a good reputation for providing honest, cheerful, and productive workers, we get a tremendous amount of calls to hire our guys. In fact, we turn down many jobs and have been booked up to 9 weeks in advance all summer. That high demand for our services proves 2 things: that our guys do a great job, and that there arenít many people who are willing to work hard anymore.

    We are sorry that so many people have to wait so long to get their jobs done. We understand that wait is frustrating, but we already are booking so close that we often get back late after finishing jobs that were bigger than we anticipated. We hope our employers, numbering in the hundreds, will be patient with their wait as we are doing our best to get numerous jobs done each day, 6 days a week.


Graduate True Life Story

    Don, not his real name, started using drugs while still in grade school. As a result of hanging out with the wrong friends, he was soon getting into trouble. Don quit going to school and refused to obey any of the expectations in his family. His parents were concerned that Donís poor decisions would soon lead to his death or imprisonment.

    As soon as Don arrived at LUC, he was shown a list of our rules and the consequences for disobeying them. That came as a shock because Don was used to doing what he wanted to do and when he wanted to do it. Since Don was not used to any work, his first days on our work jobs came as a shock as well. After cleaning out some animal pens, and digging some post holes for disrespectful and uncooperative behavior, Don started to ask for advice on how to make better decisions. Soon after that, Don responded to the Holy Spiritís urging and accepted Jesus as his Savior.

    Not everything changed immediately, but there was an immediate softening in his demeanor. Don took his new relationship with Jesus seriously and spent a lot of his free time in reading the Bible and meditating on what he was learning. Soon other guys were seeing the change in Donís attitude and they were joining him in their own Bible studies. Since Don was way behind in academic work, he had to study extra hard, even in summer school, to catch up on his high school credits. As Don got into great physical shape, he was now able to work hard and was often asked to come back on private work jobs.

    About 18 months after Don arrived at the Ranch, we held his graduation ceremony. At that event, numerous staff, boys, and even friends of the Ranch spoke about how Don had impacted their lives. There was laughter and tears as we recounted incidents that demonstrated his sincerity, humility, and willingness to help others. Truly, we saw God perform a miracle right in front of our eyes and we are confident that Donís example will continue to impact many more lives.

Needs List & Prayer for staff, boys, & volunteers:   tools, tractors, battery boosters, vehicles, 4 wheelers, golf carts, cattle, hay, motorcycles, sponsors for boys, and Thrift store volunteers & those who can help from your own home for internet work and pricing.  Our kitchen needs: Processor bowl, convection oven, & electric knife sharpener.