Sponsorship/Pledge Form

Copies can be made for donors.

Please print this form. Donors, keep the bottom portion and send the top portion to L.U.C. Boys Ranch.

I would like to sponsor a young man for participation in the LUC Ranch program. I have chosen the following criteria as conditions of sponsorship in order of preference as indicated by number 1, 2, 3, etc. I also have indicated with a check mark in the appropriate categories needed to qualify for sponsorship.

Pref.#  Ck.

___    ___   Boys Name_________________________________________________________

___    ___   Location____________________________________________________________

___    ___   Your church or another of like faith_______________________________________

___    ___   Those who do not know Christ as Savior__________________________________

___    ___   Boy’s vocational interests______________________________________________

___    ___   Need_______________________________________________________________

___    ___   No preference________________________________________________________

___    ___   Other_______________________________________________________________


I pledge $________ per month in sponsorship of the selected young man until he has completed the LUC Ranch program or _____________________________________________ (indicate period of time).

I understand that my gifts are tax-deductible and that LUC Ranch will notify me at the following address when a candidate has been selected.

Name __________________________________




Date ________________________________


Detach here and mail in the completed form above to:

Lives Under Construction Boys Ranch, Inc.
296 Boys Ranch Road  ~  Lampe, MO 65681

Lives Under Construction Boys Ranch offers hope to families as it helps boys to change behavior patterns so they can re-enter the family environment as a positive member.  Click "REQUESTS" to see examples of needs presented to us by parents.

Because of the high costs involved in providing residential care, most families cannot afford the cost of $3800 or more per month. Since many private treatment centers will charge over $10,000 per month, most families are forced to turn to state institutional care or state placement into various foster homes. LUC Ranch was developed to make a difference in boys’ lives which they feel can best be accomplished through teaching Christian principles and developing good work habits. In an effort to keep from compromising these assets, LUC has elected not to accept State or Federal monies; therefore, the funds that are normally given to help offset LUC Ranch costs have to be made up by donors who also feel these values are important.

You can help by becoming a sponsor for some young man in your area. For any monthly tax deductible contribution, you will receive a receipt for tax purposes, a monthly thank you letter, and a periodic newsletter letting you know the progress made at LUC Ranch.

Sponsors will be required to fill out the pledge cards and send them to LUC Ranch. When the young man you are sponsoring arrives at the Ranch, you will be notified.  If you would like to make a DONATION on line towards helping a young man, go to our secure  (SSL) connection at where all information is transmitted in an encrypted form.

If you choose to send your information regarding a boy you want to support on-line, use our Online Sponsorship Form

Thank you for caring,

LUC Boys Ranch