Survey Results

Sweet & Associates completed this study 5/22/99. They are an independent consulting group specializing in long range strategic planning.

The following conclusions are based on questionnaires sent to 85 young men who were former residents of LUC Boys Ranch and their response to the effectiveness of the LUC Program.  Continue to pray for them as they seek the Lord’s guidance.

  • 82% of those responding to the survey returned home to live with their parents after finishing an average stay of 15 ½ months at the Ranch. Most of the other residents were old enough to live independently.
  • 82% of the respondents continued their education after leaving LUC Boys Ranch.
  • 100% of the boys responding reported that they had a positive learning experience while at the Ranch. The areas of greatest benefit to the boys were: assuming responsibility, accepting accountability, developing a good work ethic, finding a closer relationship with God, respecting others, valuing honesty and integrity, etc.
  • 94% stated unequivocally that they would recommend LUC Ranch to other youth who find themselves in similar circumstances to their own.
  • 82% of the young men felt they learned useful vocational skills at the Ranch that developed pride in accomplishment and self-discipline.
  • 88% reported that they pray frequently and have a closer relationship with God as a result of their experience at LUC Boys Ranch.

  • 58% of the young men now attend church weekly.
  • 100% of the respondents reported that they felt they had become a better person after having been at LUC Boys Ranch.

The statistics cited above were gathered from graduates that fit the following criteria:  All of our Ranch residents came into our program against their will. Many of them had been screened out of, or dismissed from other residential programs.

The results of this questionaire prove that God is still in the miracle business! The full report with all the responses to all questions is available for your inspection at LUC Boys Ranch. An appropriate statement to conclude this report is one made by a graduate who said: “I praise God for LUC and believe it was pivotal in my life.”