LUC Christmas Festival
December 18, 2021 from 2 – 8 p.m.
Will include lights and other events
More information to come soon.

LUC Ranch Thrift Store

The LUC Ranch is excited about the new areas to shop in at the thrift store - The Trading Post on HWY 86 near JCT. 39 (Carr Lane).  We have some new pieces of furniture, buffalo meat, great treasures - new and old.  Come see the changes being made.  We are looking for volunteers to work in it for a few hours on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.  The store is OPEN now Tues through Saturday 9 a.m - 4 pm

If you have any items to donate, bring them by the Ranch or we can arrange to pick them up when we are in your area.  Spring clean-up time is a good time to help us replenish the store or to let someone discover a treasure that they have been looking for over the years.  If you make a craft and would like to donate it to the Ranch to help support boys, let us know. 417-779-5374  Our staff will set up a time with you.  

LUC Trading Post Motors sell donated cars.

Come find a good deal on a used vehicle.  You may also donate your vehicle to our "Mechanics in the Making" program and get the real value for your used vehicle.  There are many programs out there that will take your car, but many will only give you junk yard price because they don't have a program that utilizes the vehicle in a training program for a year.  Call for more details.  Trading in your vehicle to a car dealer limits the amount that you will also recieve.

Come Buy Our Trees

The Ranch is selling trees at the Ranch at GREAT Prices

Fall, early winter, and spring are the best times to plant trees or have our boys come plant them for you!!

Call to come see our selection. Call 417-779-5374 for information.