Elijah Touchton & Carlin Pruitt

In our very early years in the middle 1980s, a man came to Shell Knob (a nearby town) to check on his business. As was his custom, he liked to do volunteer projects for organizations within the areas he went to. He came out and built a well house for us. His name is Carlin Pruitt. He came from Pittsburg, Kansas. He noticed we had an old double-wide trailer that goats had lived in prior to our buying it. The furnace was not working so he contacted members of his church. Several men answered the call. On their way down, they ran into a snowstorm, but they kept coming. The coordinator of that group was Elijah Touchton, of Touchton Electric. He brought all of the supplies to get the heat going. After many more trips to the Ranch, Elijah Touchton became one of the first persons to serve on our Board of Directors. He has been involved in so many projects ever since, including helping us to set up various alarm systems and doing the electrical wiring for most of our buildings. He is still involved in helping the Ranch to this day. He is one of the people honored at the 2019 Open House.