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Lives Under Construction Boys Ranch, Inc. (LUC) is re-building the lives of at-risk boys. Your help is needed to accomplish this. Many boys need a second chance to become a valuable citizen of his community. Donations can be given in many ways and are listed below: Act now!  Please call us if you would like to talk to someone personally about your choices.

A convenient means of giving, through electronic transfer.

The most frequently used method of giving is an outright gift to help meet monthly expenses. You may also choose to give a MEMORIAL TRIBUTE to a friend or loved one, or GIFT IN HONOR of someone's anniversary, birthday, special gift for Christmas or for a kindness extended to you.

A special Endowment Fund was established by Mary Jane Schlichtman and is managed by the Ranch treasurer. It allows for the continuation of the ministry by allowing the Ranch to use a percentage of funds for improvements while increasing the assets derived from stocks and bonds. You may wish to share in this endeavor.
Use our Online Secure Server to donate now! Or you can call us directly (417-779-5374) and give your information to Sheila to process your donation.
Credit Cards accepted are MasterCard and VISA.

A means of providing you with an income tax deduction and avoiding payment of capital gains on appreciated securities when given as an outright gift.

This provides a way for you to continue your support of the Ranch while it gives freedom to those who might otherwise have to make those choices for you. The following serve as many ways you can be in control of how you would like your funds distributed that may help you even now save on your taxes.

These may be given by naming Lives Under Construction Boys Ranch as remainder beneficiary. An amount or percentage of unused retirement assets designated for charitable purposes can possibly minimize estate taxes.

Policies designating Lives Under Construction Boys Ranch as a beneficiary, last beneficiary, or recipient of a percentage of proceeds. Policy dividends assigned to the Ranch provide an income tax charitable deduction.

This may be transferred revocable, irrevocably, or retain a life interest.

Donating land is one of the best methods to receive very favorable tax treatment for donors with substantial assets. After you have held the land property for more than six months, you can realize:
  • An income tax charitable deduction for 100% of the property's fair market value at the time of transfer.
  • You do not have to pay the capital gains tax on past appreciation value.
  • You can reduce your taxable estate.

You may wish to donate your land in a Will, Establish a Trust, use the "Bargain Sale" gift method, Gift the farm or land and retain its use for a lifetime; or a combination of Will and Life Income Trust. Because your land is very precious to you, you need a professional consultant to ensure your asset while taking advantage of the best tax deduction that you are allowed.

This can be established with an officer acting as trustee. Investment of trust assets provides variable or fixed income. Sometimes capital gains taxes on trust assets can be avoided and you receive a current tax deduction for a portion of the trust assets which are valued at the time the trust is established.

These are funded with cash or appreciated securities which provides income for life (a portion is tax free), current tax deduction, and you avoid most of the capital gains on appreciated securities. (Gift Annuities not offered in some states.)
For more information on any of these gifts:
Contact your tax or investment consultant as to what may benefit you best. If you need additional information or would like us to put you in contact with someone who could help you make these arrangements: Contact Ken or Sheila Ortman by calling 417-779-5374 for details or send an email to Sheila.

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