Donald J. Stobaugh Sr.

Aug. 30, 1935 - Dec. 9, 2008

Don was one of our first full-time volunteers and helped LUC Ranch for many years by providing various food items and many kinds of miscellaneous items for both the boys and staff to enjoy such as the very practical everyday needs like soap to very specialized items like perfume and brand name clothes. Then Don took on another challenge of raising funds for the beautification of the Academic Center Area. His desire was to have an area that would allow the guys to have another outlet for their energies. This would have included a small miniature golf course, a baseball field, a football field, etc. Don passed away before this was realized. Since then, we have continued to raise funds towards this dream. We have an improved football field that is close to completion for tag football and the guys actually participate in a local competition each week. We have some funds toward the miniature golf course to start building a couple of stations. We have marked off the area for the baseball field. If you would like to help this dream continue, please let us know where your interest is.