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LUC Boys Ranch is located in the heart of the Ozark Mountains in Southwest Missouri.

At-risk boys come from varying backgrounds which may include single parent homes, parents who both work outside the home, homes without structure or guidance, or where the parents are very loving and supporting. The individual backgrounds of boys reveal stories of personal loss, criminal offenses, substance abuse, violence and aggression, chronic truancy, disrespect for authority, self-destructive behavior, and other emotional problems.

Each young man must at some time choose what pathway he will take in life.  This pathway leads to new beginnings for boys who have had a troubling past.

LUC Boys Ranch was founded by Ken and Sheila Ortman in 1982 with the premise that because God created each person with a purpose, each boy who comes to the Ranch is worth saving and can develop to his full potential with God’s help. The Ranch began with a vision to make it possible for troubled boys to have a second chance at life by changing their behavior patterns. We believe that this begins by demonstrating God’s love to them through words and actions. Accomplishments at the Ranch are based on two basic principles: that God can change lives in miraculous ways and that good work habits are important for building character, self-esteem, and self-discipline.

The boys who come to LUC Boys Ranch have the opportunity to experience and learn the joy that comes from living in a Christian family environment, where they can feel love and acceptance. Each person makes mistakes in life, and these boys have the freedom at the Ranch to learn which choices they make produce rewards or consequences.

For most boys, The Ranch will become their home, away for home for the next 15 to 18 months while they get rid of old habits and learn new ways of dealing with peer pressure, stress, saying no, taking authority, etc.  These boys also re-build family relationships, except in a few occasions when that isn’t possible and then they become a part of the Ranch family and are with us until they can become independent.

LUC Boys Ranch does not use behavior modification drugs but rather helps the young man deal with his fears and anxieties in appropriate ways.  We use a balanced diet and exercise to help in this process of re-building lives.  For many years, people have been led to believe that behavior drugs can change the lives of children and in fact they do.   They may have everlasting changes directly resulting from this type of drug use.   Our boys have reported that they began their drug use from prescription medications to help control their behavior.  They moved on from that to other drug abuse.  We have seen first hand the results of overly prescribed medications and the toll those drugs have taken on young children.  Has anyone wondered why these meds have been needed more and more and were rarely used in the 50’s?  Have the children changed and if so why and what are the solutions?  We have had boys thank us for helping them find a way that they can see and understand clearly and can now take responsibility for their actions.  Visit the websites that allow you to see the determents of medications that are prescribed and the results.  

Because we want to remain an alternative choice for children to receive help, we need others who will help us make this possible.  Many families cannot afford Residential treatment and therefore we are looking for those who care to help make it possible for all boys to have the opportunity to change their lives around.  If you would like to know how you can be a part of this ministry, please click on the link to Support Opportunities.

I will strengthen thee; yeah, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness

Isaiah 41:10

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